1.Only 3% with a 10.00 Cap. You Will Never Pay More Than 10.00 To Sell Your Item, Even If Its A Million Dollar Item.

2. Free to sign up!

3. Free to list Auction style!

4. No Auction fee unless it sells!

5. Good till' cancelled, just .50 cents

6. Classified Ad, just .50 cents

7. PayPal Required. 




Terms & Conditions

While Signed in

While using this system, activities which enables the sight to work effieciently such as login times, items bid on, and items bought. We reserve the right to use items collected and will not share with outside the application. 

To keep the system secure, your account will be automatically logged out after a period of inactivity, after which you may be prompted to re-login. you will be able to login to the system with a pre defined user name and password, which will can be managed both by us or yourself. Signing in and out can be done anytime to allow/prevent access to you account. it is important to be cognisent about using publically shared computers without siging out after in order to protect your personal information and account access. 



  • Web-based, your account can be accessed from and mobile friendly plateform and from anywhere with an internet connectivity. We reserve the right to revoke your access for illegal activities. You may also request for your account to be closed at will. Your activities within this system are subject to review and changes both by you and the staff of UBotIt. If you are unable to to access your account for any reason, please review the help page for possible solution and use the contact us form if your questions arent answered after. Reseting your password in an instance of a forgotten password is also a very fast and effective way of regaining access.


    General Conent 


    By using this application, you are giving UBotIt concent to use your information to operate its activities as applicable. For instance, your name is used as the selling when you post an item for sale. your paypal information is used to process payments made to you and so on. All reasonable general concents of an auction operations are applicable in this section.


    Paypal Conent 

    We may disclose your personal information to PayPal Inc. and its corporate family for processing payments when applicable. Please refere to Paypals terms and conditions  as they apply here.