1.Only 3% with a 10.00 Cap. You Will Never Pay More Than 10.00 To Sell Your Item, Even If Its A Million Dollar Item.

2. Free to sign up!

3. Free to list Auction style!

4. No Auction fee unless it sells!

5. Good till' cancelled, just .50 cents

6. Classified Ad, just .50 cents

7. PayPal Required. 




About Us

Who We Are?

Welcome to the bidding/buy now site which does not charge you to list and no matter what you list, your sale fee as a seller never exceeds $10.


What We Do For You?

This system allows you to buy and sell items, using the conventional auctions or buy now Platform. Unlike our competition you never have to pay us on at a flat percentage. the maximum percentage of your sale price you have to pay us is $10.00. This means that where your item sells for $500.00 or $50,000.00, you will only have to pay a $10.00 fee (plus a few cents for special features such as listing with bold text). Items sold for less than $350 are charged a 3% fee, which again, is significantly less than $10.00 and less than other similar platforms charge. we do this in an attempt to create an evironment, where the seller gets to keep as much of thier earnings as possible. 


Yes, You Can Buy Also

With a large variety of items, the search function allows you to locate items easy. The advance search helps narrow your search results, in cases where searching by specific categories isnt an option. Items listed for sale usually cost less since the seller is able to save significantly more by listing with us. 


What Are You Waiting for?

Go ahead, browse away.. Sell what you dont need and buy what you do. Our friendly checkout process makes this as easy as possible. Please do not hesitate to leave us a message if you have any question or concern.